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Exclusive ‘Loudermilk’ Trailer: Ron Livingston Has a Bad Attitude About… Everything!

Despite his grumpy demeanor, Sam has a knack for helping people get clean, including Claire Wilkes (Anja Savcic). Claire’s life has spiraled out of control after the loss of her father and Sam reluctantly takes on her “case,” in an effort to get her sober. The show also stars Will Sasso (Super Troopers 2) as Sam’s friend and sponsor, Ben Barnes, and Laura Mennell (Syfy’s Alphas) as Allison Montgomery, a recent transplant and next door neighbor to Sam.

The series was created by Emmy-winning Colbert Report writer Bobby Mort and Peter Farrelly, who famously has avoided TV until now. “We’re able to do something you can do in TV now that you couldn’t do 15 years ago, have a really full story and many twists and turns,” the filmmaker behind Dumb and Dumber told IndieWire about doing Loudermilk. “So I wanted to do something like that; when I read this character I went, that’s the character I want to do it with.”

Loudermilk premieres Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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