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Maddox Pitt-Jolie Raves About Mom Angelina Jolie: ‘She’s a Wonder’

Maddox Jolie-Pitt worked alongside Angelina Jolie on the set of First They Killed My Father, and now, the 16-year-old is speaking about what it’s like working with his mom!

“I was trying to help wherever I could,” the 16-year-old, who executive produced the film, told People. “[She’s] fun, funny, and easy to work with. She’s a wonder.”

Maddox was adopted from Cambodia in 2002, and filmed in the country for four months.

When asked his favorite thing about the country? He responded, “the people by far. [They are] calm, relaxed, and when they want to do something wild, they do it — much like me in a way. I’m proud to be a Cambodian.”

See photos of Maddox and his brothers and sisters supporting their mom at the premiere of First They Killed My Father below…

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